The ADMCi Commission for Research and Development


We seek a very rare form of master designer, engineer, developer or the like. Our criteria center around a person's ability to prove one's craft in order to...


Establish an artisan among a lineage of greats

Innovate a result of receiving a commission

Prove objective value of a new creation 

Assess subjective reaction to the creation

Adhere to meaningful context for singular meaning in the creation and the creator

Put Yourself on the Line

One long, black line marks the 'track' you follow to set a land-speed record on the salt flats in Bonneville, Utah. Depending on the season and conditions, it's 10-14 miles long.

No small gesture, Jim Jacoby will be riding this line for a record in large part because he is the primary benefactor behind the Bienville Legacy Motorcycle Commission. This combined effort--at least on one level--is designed to turn the history of motorcycle design on its head. But, longer-term and perhaps more importantly, it is a metaphor for investment itself. 

If you believe you can invest in something or donate to something or endow something and then somehow solve a problem or better the world, or (worst yet) improve yourself... think again. Investors without appropriate personal risk have unraveled the meaning that was once built into an economy that made things. And, all of us are hungry for a return to that meaning.

If we are to undertake affecting the history of motorcycle design, dramatically improving the motorcycle industry, and leveraging that experience to expand design languages across industries and media, the guy at the root of this audacious goal had better have his butt on the line. 

This Fall, he will. We're out to go 200mph on a 350lb., 350hp, 4-cylinder monster of artistic and engineering triumph. 

No stranger to the risks inherent in motorcycles, Jim is fully aware of what this task means to himself and his family. And yet, he's never attempted anything like this before. So, in many ways he really doesn't. But that's the whole point. He's not hiring someone to strap themselves to this rocket and cheering from the sidelines. He isn't investing in an industry and people to see if he can make a 10x return. The commission can very realistically ruin Mr. Jacoby both physically and financially. As a result, this project has retained his acute attention for two years and running.

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