The ADMCi Commission for Research and Development


We seek a very rare form of master designer, engineer, developer or the like. Our criteria center around a person's ability to prove one's craft in order to...


Establish an artisan among a lineage of greats

Innovate a result of receiving a commission

Prove objective value of a new creation 

Assess subjective reaction to the creation

Adhere to meaningful context for singular meaning in the creation and the creator

Future Commissions

Our commissions are rare and special

When we think we have a master-craftsman in our sights, we seek them out without pretense and preferably without notice. Under the right--in many cases, 'blind'--circumstances, we will pose the following question:

If you could design anything you wanted with nominal regard for time or cost, what would you create?

We are constantly seeking those with the hubris and humility to answer this question honestly… and to cling to that challenge tenaciously no matter the circumstance. These people are the ones who will lead us into a new era of value and values.

Identifying master-craftsmanship

We seek a very rare form of master designer, engineer, developer or the like. Our criteria center around a person's ability to prove their craft in the following contexts:

  • The artisan amongst a lineage of greats
  • The innovation(s) likely to occur as a result of the commission
  • The objective value of the creation 
  • The subjective reaction to the creation likely to result
  • The adherence to time and place giving singular meaning to the creation and the creator

Curating master-craftsmanship

As a destination for the greatest designers in the world, we have a unique perspective that allows us to share these talents and stories in a rich and engaging ways. For the commissions we are currently supporting, we actively tell the story of creation, raising additional funds for its promotion, and prepare for the innovations that will result (to patent, market, license, etc.).

We are constantly evaluating the possibility of new commissions and new designers for them.

Promoting master-craftsmanship

We actively gather stories and insights complementary to our commissions, and we publish them back to a highly engaged audience through the long-running podcast, Design in the Moment. On this show, we gather a regular group of industry luminaries, evaluate new discoveries, and establish an inter-generational/inter-industry dialogue like none available anywhere else.

Creating responsible rewards

Economic drivers are slightly out of sync with innovation drivers. Cost, speed, volume, and consistency are all valuable as a higher standard of living… for consumers. They are ironically at odds with creators. In balancing the right integration of machine/digital efficiency with the empathetic value inherent in original design, we seek financial models that work for both sides equally.

A detailed review of our perspective on the players and financial entities appropriate to a uniquely American system is illustrated in our Prospectus.