The ADMCi Commission for Research and Development


We seek a very rare form of master designer, engineer, developer or the like. Our criteria center around a person's ability to prove one's craft in order to...


Establish an artisan among a lineage of greats

Innovate a result of receiving a commission

Prove objective value of a new creation 

Assess subjective reaction to the creation

Adhere to meaningful context for singular meaning in the creation and the creator

Bienville Legacy Design Brief

Commission Goals

This commission is designed to achieve the following goals:

  • Produce the three most beautiful and powerful prototype motorcycles the world has seen in decades
  • Prove balance of form and function on the ‟field of battle‟ by setting three land-speed records in their class at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah
  • Establish an enduring, colloquial design language that puts New Orleans and Louisiana on the map for industrial design for years to come
  • Provide a cross-training platform that allows us to share the design, fabrication, and testing experience with lay-people from all walks of life
  • Create a series of innovations that can be licensed for the improvement of vehicle manufacturing as either tools in the production process or technologies incorporated into motorized design itself

In this process, we are producing a feature-length cinema-quality documentary that will be globally licensed and distributed through major distribution networks. We are funded out of the kindness of large-format supporters and in partnership with digital design leaders.

You can stay in touch with our progress through regular updates on our commission.