The ADMCi Commission for Research and Development


We seek a very rare form of master designer, engineer, developer or the like. Our criteria center around a person's ability to prove one's craft in order to...


Establish an artisan among a lineage of greats

Innovate a result of receiving a commission

Prove objective value of a new creation 

Assess subjective reaction to the creation

Adhere to meaningful context for singular meaning in the creation and the creator

The Bienville Legacy Commission

We originally met JT Nesbitt while attending the 2012 UX4Good Conference in New Orleans. At the time, we were just beginning to explore the convergence of education, master-craftsmanship, and its impact on the digital design industry.

Master-builder, JT Nesbitt of Bienville Studios, works the lathe on the Bienville Legacy Motorcycle Commission.

Master-builder, JT Nesbitt of Bienville Studios, works the lathe on the Bienville Legacy Motorcycle Commission.

We began with one simple question for the master-designer who 8 years prior had designed and built the transformative Confederate Wraith motorcycle and more recently the Magnolia Special -- a car conceived in the spirit of a bygone era, powered by next generation fuel. 

We simply asked: What would you design if you could design anything at all?

His answer
"I would design the bike that answered all the questions the Wraith asked."

Like improving on perfection, it was a knee-buckling proposition.

The result is the cumulation of eight year's thought and over sixteen months executing on that vision. We're thrilled to be learning from JT's extraordinary direction and drive. In due course, we'll be testing three 350-horsepower machines on the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah.

So, our first commission combines art, science, raw power and audacious human ambition in one tightly wound, beautiful package... because digital designers need to learn from the ethos of master-craftsmen.

Here's a quick taste of what we've been doing so far on this particular commission... 

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