The ADMCi Commission for Research and Development


We seek a very rare form of master designer, engineer, developer or the like. Our criteria center around a person's ability to prove one's craft in order to...


Establish an artisan among a lineage of greats

Innovate a result of receiving a commission

Prove objective value of a new creation 

Assess subjective reaction to the creation

Adhere to meaningful context for singular meaning in the creation and the creator

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We represent the best designers on earth doing the best work they can possibly do. We invest in these people to learn from them, promote the results of their work (IP, patents, and objects), and elevate the need for absolute standards of excellence.


ADMCi funds this work through generous support from the ADMCi Foundation and complementary individuals and organizations who share our interests.


As we observe master-craftsmen in motivations, ethos, and habits, we transfer this knowledge into educational programs founded in 21st century craftsmanship. Namely, applying our learnings to design-thinking and user-centered design principles in order to infuse a sense of purpose and pride in the world-making going on all around us today.


Our current commission is the Bienville Legacy, a motorcycle design/build that has captured the imagination of its own industry and throughout the design world... Not because it's a stunning motorcycle, but because it's a stunning work of human accomplishment. And, as expected, we've learned a lot in the process...

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In the Press

Bienville Legacy Motorcycle Commission Featured on NPR's Marketplace

Marketplace aired to 11M+ people earlier this year. Clearly there's a hunger for authenticity in business again. We'll be carrying that torch for years to come. Welcome to the benefactor-driven innovation economy!

In OddBike: The Bienville Legacy - American Super Bike

Jason Cormier with OddBIke puts together the first definitive story about the pairing between JT Nesbitt's Bienville Studios and Jim Jacoby's American Design and Master-Craft Initiative. A superb writer spends real time analyzing all sides and dives deep on the 'language' of design available in this project.

In FastCo: What Digital Designers Can Learn From A Master Motorcycle Build

The Bienville Legacy premiered in the popular press on FastCo's Design publication. The world began to learn what a motorcycle might have to do with transferring the ethos of master-craftsmanship to the digital arts.

In CycleNews: Master Craftsman at Work

Alan Cathcart's first write-up on the Bienville Legacy appears in CycleNews and introduces the commission to a much broader audience in the industry. 

In Hell for Leather: JT Nesbitt Returns to Motorcycle Design...

Hell for Leather (now owned by Ride Apart) was one of the first large-scale publications to reveal the news that JT Nesbitt had finally returned to the world of motorcycle design.

In Kneeslider: The Bienville Legacy Project...

Kneeslider provides industry insiders with a first look at the commission when it was first revealed. The vibrant conversation it sparked inspires us still today.

Current Commission

The Latest on our Commission and Related Craftsmanship